Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cuddles and Stitch ~ Lovin' with a bit of work thrown in!

YES! I'm back online! I've been busting to share and connect with you all again.

Cuddles and Stitch means a lot to me. It's about being a mum and wife and child of God when there seems to be no time to stay sane. I want to love on my family and friends and look after my body. I want to still enjoy living all the while a whole bunch of life seems to be choking the individuality out of me. I want to live life to the full and have fun and laugh every day. I want to eat healthy and live to glorify God. I want to only care for the things that matter, not for what the world keeps throwing at me. (Oh, and I want to declutter my house!!) Wanna join!?

Cuddles is the love part, stitch is the work. Let's do this!

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